Get to Know the Founders

Hi we are KorDashia and Jesse! We are the founders of the Risk Takers Academy! In the fall of 2021 we started our trucking company. Starting our own company was something we were determined to do especially after being demoted and laid off from a logistics company we worked for previously. Our first step was gaining an Amazon contract to establish our company. At the beginning we are driving the trucks ourselves. During this time we were not meeting our weekly quota and felt as though we were getting no sleep. This is when we began, to hire drivers and were able to get 2-3 trucks  running at once with Amazon. 

After hiring drives that's when we ran into the most difficult times with our trucking company. We literally went broke trying to maintain our company just because we were hiring drivers who were not fully committed to driving. After experiencing trial and error with drivers we just decided to get back in the truck ourselves. Jesse did the majority of the driving (OTR) while KorDashia did the dispatching. We began profiting so much that KorDashia decided to she wanted to take on another truck to begin dispatching for. We decided to come home, hire another driver to operate our box truck while we scaled our dispatching company to 11 trucks.

During the rough period of building our company we learned patience and the importance of scaling a business. It gave us the drive to want to help others who are interested in logistics but, just not sure how to get started successfully. We now have 130+ mentees who we have taken under our wing and helped them start their own logistics company. Recently, we have taken action to share our knowledge and give back to over 3k people outside of our mentorship program. 

Under our leadership we have now hosted several meet and greets all sold out in both ATL and Miami. Using our strategy and business plan we were able to build a million dollar company in under 2 years by staying dedicated. Now we are ready to help you do the same.

Let's Level Up!

If we can do it so can you! It's time to take charge of your life by obtaining the knowledge you need to start a successful dispatching company. Don't wait another moment join the Risk Taker Academy today! Eliminate the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own!

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